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01 What is a queue?

A queue is a virtual waiting line of people that would normally be physically waiting at your business. For example, at a government agency, a queue could be: registry office, citizen office etc., and for a hospital: registration, blood collection, radiology etc.

02 What is an operator?

The operator license enables you to operate our whole system. With operator access you can call-up, book, forward, cancel, move, etc. tickets and appointments. Note: The operator is not tied to availability of appointments. An employee is not an operator. For example: You can have 3 hairdressers in your salon, but only 1 area that handles customers and call-ups – in this case, you need only 1 operator license.

03 What’s the difference between an operator and an employee?

The employee is the person that provides services that your customers book tickets to. The employee does not actively work with the timeacle system. The operator is the person that manages the timeacle system: he can actively call-up, book, cancel, move etc. tickets for your customers.

For example: a hairdresser may have multiple employees, but will only need 1 operator license, because there is only 1 workplace.

04 What is an instant-ticket?

An instant-ticket refers to the traditional waiting: you get your number, wait and will be called-up on the same day.

05 What is an appointment-ticket?

An appointment-tickets refers to booked appointments that will take place sometime in the future.

06 Which data a customer has to provide in order to book a ticket?

The timeacle system has a fixed field for requesting specific data. The enquiry i.e transmission of these data to you is optional. If you do not require any personal data from your clients, then the customer only needs his email address to book a ticket. You can configure your data transmission at Queueing system – Settings – Booking settings, on the administration panel.

07 Can I export statistics?

Yes, you can export statistics in any file format. When you log in as administrator, a grey circle with your initials appears in the upper right corner. There you will find the item statistics.

08 Is a data processing contract required to use the timeacle system as a business client?

No, this contract is not mandatory.

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