The timeacle PS app – a fast and easy printing station

The timeacle PS app is available on the App Store and can be easily connected to appropriate hardware components, to build and setup your very own printing station.


Printing station without long delivery times and high costs.

We continuously evolve our system. Download the app on your iPad, login with your printing station credentials, connect your printer and you’re ready to go.

You can find the supported hardware in the App Store description as well as on our printers list zur Verfügung

All your configurations from the administration panel are downloaded automatically, including all the settings of your bookings, services, tickets and design customizations. You decide how your printing station looks like.

Ticket Ticket

timeacle PS app – at a glance

One of our top priorities is the continuous development of our system and products. That’s how we can keep improving:

Ready to use

No delivery times, no high costs. Download the app, login and that’s it.

High printer compatibility

Our app supports many printers from EPSON and Star Micronics. Reach out to find the model that best suits you.

Integrated kiosk mode

Enable guided access on your iPad and lock the user in the printing station app. Here you can find more instructions.

Booking Booking

Intuitive booking process

Guide your customers to their desired appointments via our sophisticated booking process. You decide how and which contents are displayed.

Your customers have a clear overview over their services and appointment availability. Without long waiting times your customers get a spot in our virtual queue.

Tickets Tickets

Tickets for now or later?

Decide which options your customers should have.

Allow your customers to book instant tickets, appointment tickets or both.

Digital Digital

We embrace digitalization!

When offering on-site tickets on your printing station, you can suggest your customers different eco-friendly options: instead of printing, they can remember their call-up number or they can scan the ticket’s QR code.

The timeacle PS app is available for all iPad sizes and supports these printer models*:

Star Star
Epson Epson
TM-H6000 TM-P60/P60II TM-T81 TM-T100
TM-L90 TM-P80 TM-T82 TM-U220
TM-M10 TM-T20 TM-T83/T83III TM-U330
TM-M30/M30II TM-T60 TM-T88
TM-P20 TM-T70 TM-T90/T90KP
*iOS 10.2 and above

We develop products to satisfy you and your customers.

Ready to use

Low acquisition costs

Multiple ticketing options

Customized contents

Printer connections via LAN, Bluetooth or USB

Easy and fast setup process