The display, as the name implies, displays the current waiting and call-up situation of your waiting area. Discover the many different configurations and settings available.


The display has its own layout, but the information displayed in each section can be adjusted dynamically.

Ticket number

The ticket numbers are displayed in the order you choose.

Waiting list

The waiting list is displayed in the order you choose.

Call-up list

Every call-up you make flashes for 15 seconds and also plays a sound.


In the upper right corner, you have the option to display the current time.

Footer slider

The display gives you the option to show a sliding banner as a footer, like a news banner or some external feed.


Adapt the layout to your corporate identity and upload your logo and content to the different display sections.


For interfaces used by your end-users we provide numerous customization options.


Configure your waiting area display:

  • Pictures and video content
  • Configurable screen saver
  • Customizable design of text colors, background colors, font types and font sizes

Features and contents

You decide what and where your content is shown.

  • Customizable waiting times overview
  • Communicate which counter to go to
  • Possibility for audio call-ups
  • Customizable headers for call-up list
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