As an operator you coordinate everything that is happening inside your business. Enjoy the complete overview and control of your customers.

  • Einsicht Wartezeit Einsicht Wartezeit
  • Anzeige Dienstleistung Anzeige Dienstleistung
  • Einsicht aufrgerufene Liste Einsicht aufrgerufene Liste


Always keep an overview of your customers’ current waiting situation

  • Different views: Main page, list and calendar
  • Calendar views: full day, full week or full month
  • Overview over waiting times
  • Display of booked services for each customer


Issue both instant and appointment tickets and benefit from numerous export functions.

  • Booking of tickets
  • Transparent waiting times before bookings
  • Displaying the current status of appointment calendar
  • Selection of one or more services
  • Add hidden information to an appointment that is only visible to you
Einsicht aufrgerufene Liste Einsicht aufrgerufene Liste

Ticket management

With the timeacle operator you have many actions available regarding a ticket. This way, despite a process-optimized software, you can still stay flexible.

Ticket forwarding

Transfer a customer from one department to another while keeping the same call-up number.

Ticket parking & unparking

Pause the call-up of a customer and unpause him when you see fit.

Ticket moving

Move an appointment or ticket and keep the customer informed via automatic notifications.

Ticket printing

You can export a ticket by printing it.

Ticket editing

After a booking is complete, you can freely edit all the information.

Ticket shortening & extending

You can shorten or extend the duration of a ticket without having to cancel it or book it again.

Ticket canceling

You can cancel any ticket with the click of a button. The customer will be informed automatically.

Ticket emailing

You can export a ticket by emailing it.


Interaction Interaction

In addition to the above actions, any operator can also:

  • Show and hide pictures on the display.
  • Monitor the printing station status (only if mobile app is used).
  • Inter-operator communication within the same profile.
  • Send push notifications to ticket owners (only if mobile app is used).
  • Export to calendar: Outlook, Google, Apple

It is easy to get started.