Queue management system for doctors

We know what is important for you. We understand your priorities and which problems you are currently facing. Let us convince you with our digital queue management system solution for your clinic.

Praxis Praxis

Our queue management system is your solution

From general medicine to specialists, they all have one thing in common: Waiting times.

Those cannot be avoided, but they can be planned and transparently communicated, regardless if you are offering appointments for now or for the future.

Waiting room empty, calendar full of appointments: this is the timeacle queue management system.

Our software ensures that you can treat all patients that come to your clinic. You can plan and decide your patient flow. Simultaneously, the timeacle queue management system takes care of calculating waiting times and communicating it to patients and colleagues.


Wartezeit Mobil Wartezeit Mobil

Follow waiting times on the go

The timeacle queue management offers your patients the possibility to spend their waiting times wherever and however they want. Even if you don’t want to offer the possibility of booking tickets online, patients can scan their paper tickets and receive all information regarding their appointments, directly at their smartphones, exactly as if they would be in front of the waiting room display.


Flexible online appointment booking and open communication with patients

You don’t have to spend hours on the telephone making appointments anymore. You can actively involve your patients in the process of booking and let them plan their day more efficiently.

You can also send your patients appointment reminders and limit their future bookings, for example, in the next two weeks, month or in the middle of next year.

Kommunikation Kommunikation


The intelligent queue management system.

Would you like to offer walk-ins and appointments and cover both ticket types in your queue management system? No problem! You define which type of bookings you would like to offer at which time and timeacle takes care of the rest.

Intelligentes Aufrufsystem Intelligentes Aufrufsystem

The logical yet flexible algorithm

We offer logical appointment classifications, according to your needs. You receive the waiting list organized by waiting times, scheduled appointments and other categorizations of your choice.

timeacle collects all the anonymous data, that can serve you as an evaluation measure later. The statistics that are summed up, allow continuous adjustments and optimizations of your processes.

It is easy to get started.