Queue management system for laboratories

The present days show us how important it is to work effectively and efficiently. We can help you to achieve this!

Laboratories Laboratories

Spontaneous vs. planned? We can do both!

Sometimes the visit to a lab is planned, but sometimes not. Regardless the case, we make sure that there is no chaos.

We organize your calendar of appointments, making sure that you have as many patients on site as you can handle, without long waiting times.

Planning and overview through online appointments

Your priority is always planning and organization. Therefore, let your patients know in advance which exams they will have, and how long they will take. The queue management system ensures that you optimize all your capacities and combine the planned laboratory visits with the emergency cases on the same waiting list.


Transfer of patients

After all samples are taken, a patient report is normally issued to a doctor. The doctor, through the forwarding function of the timeacle system, has the possibility to take the patient’s name and results and call him up for an appointment.

Weiterleitung Patienten Weiterleitung Patienten


Following waiting times from site or on the go

Patients often have to wait a long time to complete the whole exam process, from blood collection, to results and discussion of samples, for example. This time cannot be avoided, but it can be better communicated.

The timeacle system informs your patients about call-ups, making sure that each patient is back on your facilities on time for his call. Waiting seems less frustrating for them, when their time is spent somewhere else.

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