Queue management system for public offices

Efficient issuing of appointments, combined with clever allocation of tickets to spontaneous clients. Know the requirements of the citizens in advance and plan your day accordingly.

Public offices Public offices

We adapt to fit your needs

timeacle’s high level of customization allows the system to be used in any department within a municipality, community or city, such as registration or public order offices.

The important part is that you don’t need to worry about ticket issuing: we take care of it.

Identify problems and implement concrete solutions

Due to our many years of experience, timeacle has become the market leader for the public sector, providing solutions for online and on-site allocation of tickets.

We combine your requirements with the needs of our current society, in order to provide an innovative, modern and interactive system for ticket issuing.


Optimal resource management

The timeacle system ensures that you receive as many citizens on-site as you can handle. Waiting times can be reduced and you can clear your waiting room. Free slots are distributed to walk-in visitors, allowing urgent matters to still be covered.

Ressourcen Ressourcen


Accessibility Accessibility


Nowadays, departments of the public sector need to take care of all visitor groups. All citizens should be able to book appointments for now or for later.

Our system considers all of their needs in this process: we offer special acoustic call-ups and thought-through visual representations on our displays and printing stations.


Flexibility and scalability

You can flexibly decide how many departments need our system and when the system should be implemented. As a web-based software, the expansion of departments within the system is very easy: in a few minutes you can add new departments to your license.

Flexi Flexi

It is easy to get started.