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General questions:

01 What is a queue?

A queue is a virtual waiting line of people that would normally be physically waiting at your business. For example, at a government agency, a queue could be: registry office, citizen office etc., and for a hospital: registration, blood collection, radiology etc.

02 What is an employee?

An employee represents the time resource and availability that are crucial for booking appointments. The working hours you define for each employee are the foundation for waiting time calculation and slot availability inside a queue.

03 What is an operator?

The operator enables you to operate our whole system. With operator access you can call-up, book, forward, cancel, move, etc. tickets and appointments. Note: The operator is not tied to availability of appointments. An employee is not an operator. For example: You can have 3 hairdressers in your salon, but only 1 area that handles customers and call-ups – in this case, you need only 1 operator license.

04 What is a display?

The display is a TV monitor inside your waiting area to accurately display waiting times and call-ups to your waiting customers.

05 What is a printing station?

The printing station is a self-service-terminal for your customers, where they can book tickets and appointments by themselfs. You can define which queues and services should be available and your customer can book and retrieve their tickets on their own.

06 What is a counter?

A counter is a room / counter / reception where the desired service will take place. For example: ticket number A1 is now called-up and should go to room 3.

07 What is an instant-ticket?

An instant-ticket refers to the traditional waiting: you get your number, wait and will be called-up on the same day.

08 What is an appointment-ticket?

An appointment-tickets refers to booked appointments that will take place sometime in the future.

09 What do we mean by hierarchy?

All timeacle components, such as queues, display, printing station, operator etc., need to be organized in a specific order. At the top of the hierarchy, we can find the profile. Right under it, there are the queues and under the queues, we can find the different components that can be linked to one or more queues.


10 Can I use 1 admin account for different branch offices?

Yes. You have the possibility to add as many branch offices as you like to your profile. Each of these will have different profiles, different opening hours, contact info etc. that you can manage with your account.

11 If an employee that provides a specific service gets sick, do I have to delete him from the system for the duration of the sick leave?

No, you can simply remove the employee from the queue and add him when he comes back to work. Another solution would be to edit his working hours, creating a new entry that says from which day to which day he won’t be working. This is only necessary if you registered all your employees into the timeacle system.

12 It’s a public holiday and businesses are closed. How can I disable appointments for that day?

There are two simple ways of doing that. You can define these specific settings as a system administrator in Settings → Advanced settings or you can set your opening hours as closed directly on your profile. (Profile → edit opening hours)


13 How many profile licenses do I need?

Do you have your business in more than one location? Than you need additional profiles. The reason to it is that different addresses have often different opening times, contact data, employees and etc., therefore, different profile accounts should represent those differences also at our system.

14 Can I integrate the profile of timeacle on my website?

Yes, you can find the appropriate code in Profile – Link profile externally and then integrate this into your website.

15 How do my customers know which day their desired employee is available to provide services?

The customers are able to choose their desired employee and check their availability for instant or appointments tickets. All you need to do, is to create a queue with the employee’s name, and configure which services they offer and what is their availability for those services.


16 Can I assign different employees to work in the same queue?

Yes, more than 1 employee can work at a queue. You cannot however have 1 employee work at different queues at the same time.

17 Can I assign different services to the same queue?

Yes, you can assign as many services as necessary to any of your queues.

18 Can I choose to only offer appointment-tickets?

Yes, you can choose to only offer appointments instead of both instant and appointment tickets. Go to: Settings > Advanced settings and enable or disable different ticket types as you please.


19 How many operator licenses do I need?

The amount of operator licenses depends on whether you want to link your operator access to a workspace or to a specific employee. For example, if your employees don’t work on the same place, it makes sense to link the license to the workstation, in which all employees that work there can use the timeacle system accordingly. If your employees are always on the same working places, it makes sense to link your operator license to an specific employee.

20 What’s the difference between an operator and an employee?

The employee is the person that provides services that your customers book tickets to. The employee does not actively work with the timeacle system. The operator is the person that manages the timeacle system: he can actively call-up, book, cancel, move etc. tickets for your customers.

For example: a hairdresser may have multiple employees, but will only need 1 operator license, because there is only 1 workplace.

21 Can I assign multiple employees and operators to the same queue?

Yes, as soon as you assign the working hours for your employees in the timeacle system, you can also select the queue and assign working hours for that specific queue. You can add as many operators as your business needs. (Please, consider that there are purchase fees)

After setting them up, you can simply add them to the desired queue, by clicking on “Link and Activate”.

22 Does my employee need more than one operator access, when he needs to handle more than one waiting queue?

No. Since you have the possibility to give to an operator access to several queues, you don’t need to book additonal licenses for operators that are handling more than one queue.

23 Can I assign the same operator to multiple queues?

Yes, you can assign the same operator to different queues. By clicking on “Link & Activate”, you can add the defined operators to the corresponding queue.

24 What is a department?

Departments are formed by a group of queues. For example the queues: haircut, collouring and eyebrows could potentially be a placed under the same department “Women hair”.

25 What are sequences?

Sequences are used to define a specific forwarding order for tickets. This is also displayed when making bookings. This way, you can pre-select a forwarding process for that specific ticket.

26 Can I send tickets or appointments via email?

Yes, the operator can send instant or appointment tickets as email to customers, only requiring the clients’ email address. Therefore, you simply need to click on a ticket in the “list view” of the operator and select the email icon in the small action box.

27 Can employees book tickets or appointments for customers?

Yes, the operator can book tickets or appointments in both the list or calendar view. Before, you must enable operator bookings in “Queueing system – Settings – Advanced settings”.

28 Can an operator see all waiting queues at once?

Yes, the operator can see in the list or in the calendar views, all of his assigned queues. On the upper right corner, you can currently see the actual queue. By clicking on it and selecting “show all”, you ge to have an overview on all your queues.

29 Is there a calendar function?

Yes, the operator has also a calendar view, where all appointments and tickets are displayed.

30 How many calendars are available?

The number of calendars vary accordingly to the number of operators. If your business have 5 operators, they will have access to 5 calendars.

31 Can I sync my Outlook calendar with the timeacle calendar?

Yes, you can import the timeacle calendar into the Outlook calendar. The other way around is not possible. In the calendar view of the operator, click on the calendar icon on the bottom right corner to copy the calendar data to the clipboard.

32 Can multiple employees login with the same credentials?

No, each login credentials are user-specific or workplace-specific. Whoever needs to work on the timeacle system e.g an operator, should have his own credentials. If you use the same credential, the first user will be logged out.

33 Do I have to call-up tickets or appointments in the order the system specifies?

No, you can call-up any waiting number that is currently on the waiting list, by going into the list or calendar view of the operator and clicking on the desired ticket and then, on icon with an arrow pointing to the right.

34 If the operator calls-up multiple tickets by mistake, can this be reversed?

Yes, just forward the tickets to the original queue and they will be in the waiting list again.

Configuration of bookings:

35 If the appointment of a customer takes 30-60 minutes longer to complete, can I inform the other customers about the delay?

The system will automatically inform all customers with a digital ticket about the delay in real-time. In addition, the operator can, in the list or calendar view, send an email to the customers.

36 If the waiting time for a customer seems too long, can he cancel his appointment?

Customers can independently cancel their tickets, whether inside the timeacle app, whether in the confirmation email they receive after bookings.

37 Can the customer cancel an instant or appointment ticket?

Yes, the customer is informed about cancelation policy while confirming a ticket or appointment via email. By clicking on the sent link, the ticket will be canceled.

38 Is it possible to remove the rating function from the confirmation mail?

No, rating function is featured in every confirmation email and for every available customer.

39 Can I remove the timeacle logo from the confirmation email or use my own?

No, the timeacle logo on the confirmation email cannot be replaced.

40 When my customer books an appointment for one queue, but needs to go to another, do they need to get another ticket?

No, called-up instant or appointment tickets can be forwarded to a different queue by an operator. These tickets will be available in the new waiting list and operators can call them up for the new queue.

41 Can my customers book instant and appointment tickets with a specific employee?

Yes, this is possible, but only if you name your queue with the name of the desired employee. There is also the possibility to assign the employee’s name as an available service within the queue. Then, customers can freely choose which employee they want to be attended by.

42 How does the system knows how long the processing time for a specific service is?

The administrator defines the duration of different services in the administration panel.



General questions:

01 Does the timeacle system work on all devices like mobile, tablet or computer?

Yes, the timeacle system works normally on all internet capable devices. It is a cloud based system. You don’t need any installation, download or setup of other software. Just open our website and login.

02 How do my employees get their login credentials?

On the administration panel, please go to Queueing system – Logins – Operator. There you can find all of your purchased licenses. If you need additional licenses, you can purchase them there. The additional licenses are automatically activated and ready to be used.

Under your login credentials, you can change your password and export an Instant-Login-Script file. This HTML file can be placed on your employees’ desktop. To login, they just need to double click it.


03 Can I use my TV or monitor as a display?

Yes, the only requirement is that your TV or monitor is an internet capable device, with a built-in compute unit - in which we store the display license. You can order a built-in computer unit from us, in case your device does not have one.

04 What hardware requirements does the display have?

CPU 1000 MHz
Output (monitor)
Input (keyboard/mouse/tv-control) (When setting up and for remote service)
Network (LAN/WLAN) with internet access (at least 384 kbit/s), but still meeting the minimum requirements of the respective operating system

05 What software requirements does the display have?

Operating system:

Windows version 7 and up
Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, …)

Supported Browser:

Internet Explorer version 9 and up
Firefox version 21 und up
Google Chrome(i.e Chromium) version 3 and up
Safari version 3.1
JavaScript enabled
Cookies have to be accepted

06 Can I remove the waiting list on the right side of the browser-display?

No, you can’t. That’s what the timeacle DIS app is for. There you can define your own layout.

07 Can I play Power-Point presentations on the display?

Yes, you can export your Power-Point presentations as MP4 or MOV files and then upload these to the administration panel at Queueing System – Contents.

08 How do I adjust the call-up volume?

Please use your TV’s remote control to change the volume. If your display has a computer unit, also try to adjust the unit’s volume.

09 The call-ups from yesterday are still shown on the display. My display is not refreshing.

Please restart your browser with Ctrl+R. If this doesn’t help please restart your TV/computer/etc.

10 What is the recommended browser?

We recommend using Google Chrome for the optimal display experience.


11 What are the recommended printers?

We recommend all printers from the Star Serie TSP100 or EPSON TM-T20II.

12 What is the recommend browser?

We recommend using Mozilla Firefox for the optimal printing station experience.

13 If the printed paper ticket is too long, what can I do?

Menu -> Print -> Set scaling to 100%.
Menu -> Print -> Page setup
Enable print background
Disable scale to page size check box
Set margins to zero
Set header/footer to empty
Menu -> Print -> Find your printer model and select it
Click properties
Select paper roll paper format
Close the print window

14 How can the browser run in kiosk mode?
15 How can I disable the print dialog window?

In order to print multiple tickets in succession without dialog, you have to disable the Firefox setting: In the address field write: about:config and add the setting “dom.successive_dialog_time_limit” with value 0.
v In the same window you can also change “print.show_print_progress” to false, in order to hide the printing progress.

In order to never show the window and always print with the default printer you can change “print.always_print_silent” to true.

16 Can I change the font sizes on the browser printing station?

No, you cannot change the design.

17 My printer has no ink/color.

If you are using a thermal printer, you probably inserted the paper roll the wrong way.

18 How many tickets can one paper roll print?

A 80mm paper roll can print around 450 tickets.


19 Is there a server solution?

Yes, there is a server solution. Our focus lies in delivering a cloud-based SaaS solution. Please consult our aftersales team to get more information for your requests.

20 Wo sind die timeacle Server?

The timeacle servers are in Frankfurt, Germany.

21 What requirements does the timeacle system have in general?

Supported operating systems

Windows 7 and up
Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, etc.)

Supported browsers

Internet Explorer version 9 and up
Firefox version 4 and up
Google Chrome (ie. Chromium)
Enabled JavaScript
Accepted Cookies

Supported hardware:

CPU 700 MHz
512 MB RAM
Output (Monitor)
Input (Keyboard/mouse)
Network (LAN/WLAN) with internet access (at least 384 kbit/s)
but still meeting the minimum requirements of the respective operating system

Network configuration ( and its sub domains (wildcard) have to be accessible on your network on port 80 (unencrypted) and port 443 (encrypted/HTTPS).


Contract and Payment


01 How do I receive my invoice?

You receive your invoice at your registered email address.

02 Who should I contact if I have questions or changes regarding my invoice?

Please, send an email to Our colleagues will take care of answering your requests as soon as possible.

03 Can I receive a monthly invoice?

Yes, if you are an online client, you receive a montlhy invoice.

04 When are licenses billed?

If you order a license before the 15th day of a month, the whole month will be billed. If licenses are ordered from the 15th on, we will bill the licenses starting from the following month. They will be added to your existing software package on the invoice.

05 Where can I change my billing address?

After login, you will find a round circle with your initials, on the upper right corner. There, you can click on “login data” to enter or change your billing address. In case of different addresses for billing and delivery, please write a separate email to This information will be processed by our team accordingly.

06 Can I also receive invoices at my postal address?

This option is not valid for online clients. As a premium client, you can request our after-sales or invoice team to send you invoices via post.


07 What is the difference between online client and premium client?

Online customers are not advised by our team. As an online client, you will order and set up the system by yourself. You get access to all the key points listed on Plans and additional licenses can be added at any time directly at your user profile. As an online client, you have a flexible contract with timeacle, in which your notice period prior to termination is only one month. Besides, you have two available payment methods: credit card, or SEPA mandate. Please, consider that the support package (email and telephone) is not included, and can be required separately at

Premium customers benefit from a variety of advantages, in addition to the ones offered to online clients: they are individually attended, advised and fully supported in the setup, implementation and continuous optimization of timeacle system. Premium clients also have the possibility of adding numerous services and acquiring hardware components. They are billed annually, and have different payment possibilities, such as credit card, SEPA mandate and also via Invoice.

08 How is the contract established, and how do I receive it?

If you register with us as an online client, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. This is where the contractual relationship is established. The basis for this are our Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy of timeacle.

As a premium client, you will receive an individual offer and special conditions. Terms and conditions are to be agreed between timeacle and your business.

09 Which payment methods can I use?

As an online client, you have the following payment options: Credit card and SEPA mandate.
As a premium client, you have the following payment options: Credit card, SEPA mandate or via Invoice.

10 How much does the timeacle system cost?

In the plan for online clients, the software package costs 49.90€ plus VAT per month. Here is included: 1x Profile, 1x Queue, 1x Printing station, 1x Display and 1x Operator. Additional licenses are available for 9,90€/ plus VAT per month.

The costs for premium clients are individually calculated, according to their needs and requirements. Please, contact us for your personal consultance.

11 How much does an additional profile cost?

You have the possibility to add as many profiles as you like to your timeacle profile. To do so, after logging in, click on the round icon with your initials, on the upper right corner, and click on “New office”.

As stated in point 10, each additional profile includes the corresponding licenses.

12 Where can I purchase additional licenses?

If you are registered as an Administrator, you can book all additional licenses you need, under the menu point “Upgrade License”, when you click on the circle with your initials on the upper right corner.

13 As an online client, can I also book services, such as configuration of the software or training?

No, that is not possible. You must choose the premium signature to be able to enquire additional services.

14 Is the usage of timeacle apps included in the online client signature?

Yes, the usage of all timeacle apps is included in the costs of the online client signature. Our apps can be downloaded from App Store or Play Store, from your respective device. Here you can learn more about our apps.

15 Is it possible to order hardware products?

You can only order our timeacle hardware products as a premium client.
As an online client, you can find our hardware recommendations at FAQ Hardware. We recommend you printers, monitors etc. that will suit our apps best, allowing you a complete timeacle experience, even without our specific hardware.



General questions:

01 Does the timeacle system provide a public API?

Yes, we provide different API’s according to your needs. Please consult with our aftersales team, we are happy to help.

02 How can I see who is using timeacle?

In the timeacle ticket area you can see all profiles that are currently using our system, allowing online bookings. Please, note: Many of our customers are not using the online option of our system. If you do not find any customers from your specific field, please get in touch with us.

03 Can I connect an existing cash register system with the timeacle appointment and queue management system?

Every software, be it cash registers or access control systems have to be evaluated for compatibility with the timeacle system, as well as to the hardware components that we offer. We will need a description of the software in question before we verify the compatibility.

04 What happens if there are “prank bookings” or bookings by mistake?

If this happens, you can whether cancel the appointment or ticket, whether you can choose to not call it up and ignore it.

05 Which data a customer has to provide in order to book a ticket?

The timeacle system has a fixed field for requesting specific data. The enquiry i.e transmission of these data to you is optional. If you do not require any personal data from your clients, then the customer needs only needs his email address to book a ticket. You can configure your data transmission at Queueing system – Settings – Booking settings, on the administration panel.

06 Is there a verification option when booking?

Yes, the timeacle system provides a verification option. If enabled, appointments are not booked, but are reserved. When the customer verifies his identity, his appointment will automatically be validated.

Instant tickets cannot be reserved. However, once the customer’s identity has been verified, the customer is automatically redirected to the booking process, in which he can book the very next available ticket.

07 Do my customers need to be registered by timeacle system in order to book an appointment?

No, they don’t need to. Your customers can choose to register or book as a guest. In the case of guest booking, the data of your customer will be deleted from our database on the day of the appointment at 00h00.

08 Is a data processing contract required to use the timeacle system as a business client?

No, this contract is not mandatory.

09 Can I change the booking starting numbers from 1 to something else?

No, you cannot change the starting numbers. The issuing of tickets automatically starts at 1.

10 When the numbers of the tickets are reset?

Everyday, at 00h00.

11 Can I export statistics?

Yes, you can export statistics in any file format. When you log in as administrator, a grey circle with your initials appears in the upper right corner. There you will find the item Statistics.

12 Are the timeacle statistics anonymous?

Yes, we don’t keep any personal data of your customers.

It is easy to get started.