Queue management system for court houses

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Court houses Court houses

Relief through automation

The timeacle system ensures that you can focus on your visitors’ flow, with no further concerns. We take care of the whole planning: you only need to set your requirements, such as how much time each appointment should take or how often your visitors need to return to your facilities.


Through an efficient ticket issuing, we maintain personal discretion of your clients. We protect visitors who are looking for consultations, keeping their most important priorities. At the same time, we concentrate our efforts in issuing tickets equally and in a fair way.


Individualitaet Individualitaet


Usually, most departments function on different business models and present different needs.

The timeacle system covers all your requirements and can be used as a complete customer management system.



You can decide which details you want to provide your customers when they are booking appointments: when, where, and for which departments.

All changes in the configuration can be immediately published, with transparency and full overview of changes.

We ensure satisfaction for you and your clients.

Flexi Flexi


Datenschutzkonformitaet Datenschutzkonformitaet

Data protection requirements

We understand that for a legal institution, protecting the data of your clients is a top priority.

We take care of it: our server is based in Germany and we store all data internally, only as long as it is needed.

It is easy to get started.